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Retail Store Consignment Program


  • No upfront costs

  • Earn 50% of all sales

  • Offer a Full Line of CBD Products

  • Samples provided to help boost sales

  • Pamphlets provided with a wealth of CBD information.

  • Display cases available

  • Free promotional tools

We make it easy for your small business to begin selling a full line of high quality CBD products without any upfront costs. Take a look at our consignment program listed below. If you feel our CBD products are a good match for your store then please contact us and we'll get you set up immediately. 

No upfront costs and you earn 50% of the money from product sales! We'll provide you a price sheet with current retail pricing to help stay competitive, and samples for folks to "try before they buy".

With no upfront costs, you can join in on a thriving segment the market by offering high quality CBD product sales. 

Step 1: Contact us to make arrangements to get started.

Step 2: We will deliver you a starter pack which includes our most popular selling items. 
Step 3: Every 30 days or so, we will visit your retail outlet, re-stock the supply and collect money from sales. You keep 50% of all sales.

Our products are hand crafted using only organically grown CBD raw materials from Colorado and Oregon farms. We use only the healthiest and highest quality ingredients available for every product we make.

We are always ready to take a phone call if you have questions.

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