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Our Mission


"To ensure the integrity of Hemp derived CBD by providing education, consultation 

and high quality CBD products that meet the needs of a proper wellness solution."


To ensure the integrity of Hemp derived CBD...
We do this by constantly researching the newly released data on all cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD) and then passing the information onto our clients, interviews, at seminars and during our consultations. 


As the legal CBD market rapidly grows, unfortunately, so do the scams. A product can be marked CBD even if it only has a slight percentage added. Cheap prices usually means it's been imported from China. No standards, no problem. No thank you.

The cannabis plant is an amazing gift! It provides healing benefits that we are only beginning to learn about. If society is to believe and test its benefits then the only respectable thing to do as a service, provider or grower is to enhance the integrity that the cannabis plant deserves. 

We are dedicated, above all else, to make sure that the information and advice we offer is up-to-date and accurate.

By providing education...

We offer seminars in Huntingdon, Blair and Centre counties. Join us at one of our seminars and learn essential advice that is helpful to know before you begin a CBD wellness program. Also, on our education page on this website offers CBD advice and links to must-read articles and research findings.



Our Free Phone Consultations will provide you with a wealth of information on a more personal level. We love to talk CBD so if you have questions or concerns then please give us a call.


Home Consultations provide a fully customized CBD wellness program. We can work with you on finding your target dosage, offer suggestions on delivery methods and a lot more.

High Quality CBD Products...

We offer high quality CBD products at reasonable prices. We will not be outperformed!


That meets the needs of our local community...

We are your neighbor and we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you regarding CBD. Please call us for free CBD advice and consider allowing us to work with you on creating a CBD wellness solution to meet the needs of you or your loved one.

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