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CBD Education and Research Links

We encourage you to check out the Education Page on a regular basis. Take advantage of the inside information we get ahold of, sometimes before that news even hits the web.


And, with all of the information and research on the internet, we decided to also provide you with links to our favorite and most reliable CBD information websites, as well.


Feel free to enjoy our printable pamphlets, interactive polls (with results) and newsworthy updates all on the education page.

Newsletter Updates

If you choose to sign up for our newsletter, we promise, we won’t send you weekly junk mail on Super-Sales, last chance offers or when little Jimmy losses a tooth. We only send out updates when there’s something actually groundbreaking to talk about.

On that note, please open them from time to time (or all the time) because you never know what advancements are happening in the wonderful world of CBD!

Free Phone Consultations

Whether you are currently in full-stride with a CBD wellness program and just have a few questions or concerns or you’re just beginning (or thinking about beginning) a CBD program, we’d love to speak with you.

Call us! We love to talk about CBD! 

$7.00 Fixed Rate Priority Shipping

We understand that hidden costs at the checkout screen causes many abandon shopping carts. We also know that hidden costs make a company seem untrustworthy. Most of our packages fit in a Small Flat Rate Box at a cost of 7.20 per box.

We hope that this shipping notice will help you to better budget the grand total amount.

Access to Top Brand CBD Products

We have found some really amazing companies to work with!

Our quality standards are extremely high and we finally settled on a handful of companies that meet those requirements. They have all been given 5-Star Ratings among the most reliable CBD watchdog groups! We are beyond excited to get these high quality CBD products and vaping accessories into your hands.


Access to Nature's Reward Products

For us at Nature’s Reward, we’ll stack our “small batch” CBD products up with anyone! Including our own suppliers!


Yes, true, we buy our U.S. Grown Certified Organic Hemp Extracted CBD essential ingredients from one the best CBD companies on the market. Like the big companies, this high quality CBD is our absolute main ingredient. Without those CBD companies, we wouldn’t exist.


However, there are two variables that make our CBD products shine brighter.


First, we raise our non-CBD ingredients to a new level by naturally enhancing them.


One way we do this is by creating a 60 Day Solar Extracted Herbal Infused carrier oil made from certified organic jojoba oil. We use these herbal infusions in every one of our topical formulas along with 100% pure certified organic essential oils.


Also, instead of using just a standard MCT oil in tinctures, like so many companies do, we choose to use a Pharmaceutical Grade Ultra Filtered 3x Certified Organic Premium MCT Oil. Wow, say that three times!


Secondly, and just as important, we stay ahead of the curve on new and healthier ingredients.


CBD is now legal, and new research comes out almost weekly on new findings. Something we originally thought was healthy turns out to be not so good after all.


Let’s use vaping e-juice as an example. In the e-cig world, using necessary fillers such as PG, VG and PEG in their e-juice formulas is as common as a one dollar bill. The FDA has approved all three of them so they must be okay? No! Not true!


The FDA did, in fact, approve PG, VG and PEG but… they never studied nor considered the effects of combustion! In other words, vaping wasn’t considered.

In the CBD vaping e-juice world, those three ingredients are now considered quite nasty and unhealthy. CBD should put you on the road to wellness, not lead you down a path of unhealthiness.


As of 1/6/2019, what do we use now? MCT Oil! That’s the current standard. And, eventually there will certainly be a better ingredient and so on and so on. (psst, TEC Temper could be the next level once enough research proves positive)


Where is all of this going? What is the point?


Okay. Picture this… you are a major CBD company. You are playing in the big leagues. Well, you better invest in some fancy branding and develop finely tuned marketing skills! “Let’s order 100,000 boxes and containers with labels of our new logo design. Let’s get 500,000 pamphlets and product literature printed. While you’re at it, call the advertising department at XYZ magazine and place that ad.”


“Make 10,000 gallons of CBD e-juice and have it bottled, packaged and on the shelves! Pronto!”


Unfortunately, the following week the headline reads… “New Study Finds That PG, VG and PEG Are No Longer Recommended in CBD e-juice!”


Do you really believe the company would yank their entire freshly labeled product off the shelves? Hell, no!


It will get sold to the folks who aren’t aware of the health hazards. It’ll get marked down for low wholesale prices. And, they’ll expect you to buy it until it’s gone. Then, they will finally make the change to a better and healthier CBD e-juice formula. Whew!


At Nature’s Reward, we don’t operate like that.


We handcraft our CBD products in semi-small batches, so rest assured, the ingredients we use are thoroughly studied and are always fresh and up-to-date with current standards.


Thank you for your time, Nature’s Reward


Instant access to new CBD products
When we know, you’ll know. Ya know?


Read the “Access to Nature's Reward Products” story for a full example of new products.

Receive Important CBD Text Updates

New CBD research findings are released all the time. Sometimes they are such great news that we want to tell the world.

EZ Daily CBD Journal
This handy Point-and-Click tool is available to all members.

Update the EZ Daily CBD Journal daily in the member’s area to follow the progress of your journey to wellness. All data results are private and instantly emailed to you.

Detailed Daily CBD Journal

This is for the person who needs to track a more defined CBD program.

Update the Detailed Daily CBD Journal daily in the member’s area to follow the progress of your journey to wellness. All data results are private and instantly emailed to you.

Refer a friend for a 20% Off Code

Turn a friend on to Nature’s Reward and once they place an order, you’ll receive a 20% discount code for your next order. Thank you in advance!

Access to Financial Assistance

Low income, veterans and folks over 55 years old are eligible. Please visit the Financial Assistance page for complete details.

Free Home Consultation

This feature alone is worth the price of the entire Paying Member Plan. Read the Consultation page for complete details and benefits.

Customized CBD program

We will help design a full CBD routine by finding the correct dosage, proper delivery method and more.

Customized CBD formulas

We will help you create a custom CBD formula and routine to meet your needs.

Reserve your monthly CBD supply

Once we find the proper dosage, won’t it be a relief to know that you’ll never run out?

Receive a Monthly Discount Code

We appreciate your business. Thank you!

24/7 Phone and Text Service

Have a serious CBD question at 3am? We are a phone call or text message away.

Rent to own CBD vaping accessories

Want to try a particular vaping device? Give it a test drive for a week or keep it. We can arrange a payment plan that fits your budget.

24/7 Emergency CBD Delivery Service (rates apply)

A lost vial of CBD e-juice or accidentally dropping your bottle of tincture can be devastating if you are truly relying on it to combat a condition. Don’t worry, we have your back!

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