SAMPLE CBD Tincture 1ml & 3ml

SAMPLE of the CBD Isolate Tincture 1000mg - 30ml & 500mg 15ml


1 serving @ 33.3mg  or try a 3-pack

SAMPLE CBD Tincture 1ml & 3ml

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  • This is a 1ml SAMPLE of the 1000mg 30ml bottle or our 500mg 15ml bottle Organic Nutraceutical-Grade Isolate CBD Tincture. These samples are great for folks who want to try before buying a bottle.

    Try a single vial or a 3 pack


    Organically Grown
    Organically Extracted
    Non-GMO / Solvent Free

    Cannabinoids are blended with an Pharmaceutical Grade Ultra Filtered (3x) MCT Oil