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Help On The Way

We feel as many people as possible should have access to the potential benefits of CBD.
Sometimes the people who can benefit the most just need a little help.

Assistance Programs


Below Federal Poverty Level Program: 

  • If accepted, you will receive a discount on retail priced Nature's Reward CBD products.

  • This program is available for individuals who fall at or under the federal poverty level.

  • To apply for our assistance programs, individuals must provide proof that they are currently receiving low-income benefits (SNAP, LEAP, etc.).

  • Medicaid is not accepted for this program. 

  • Other proofs of income are also accepted on a case by case basis.

Veterans Program:

  • With much respect, all military veterans will receive a discount on retail priced Nature's Reward CBD products.

  • To apply, veterans must provide a copy of a military ID card, DD214, or driver's license or State ID.

  • Thank you for your service!

Folks over 55 years old:

  • We simply need to see a copy of your driver's license to receive a discount on Nature's Reward CBD products.


Follow the steps listed below and we will contact you once you are approved.

  1. Please send documentation and phone number to: 

  2. By submitting documentation for the Nature's Reward assistance program, you agree that you have blocked out sensitive information such as your Social Security Number, Driver's License Number etc. 

  3. Once you have sent your documents, please allow 1-3 business days for us to process your request.

  4. Once your request is approved, we will contact you by phone and email you a coupon code

***Nature's Reward retains the right to modify or change any of the assistance programs or discount amounts, at any time.***

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